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bronchial mucosa

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A mucosa that is part of a bronchus [Automatically generated definition]. [ ]

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bronchial mucosa

  • bronchi mucosa
  • bronchi mucosa of organ
  • bronchi mucous membrane
  • bronchi organ mucosa
  • bronchial trunk mucosa
  • bronchial trunk mucosa of organ
  • bronchial trunk mucous membrane
  • bronchial trunk organ mucosa
  • bronchus mucosa
  • bronchus mucosa of organ
  • bronchus mucous membrane
  • bronchus organ mucosa
  • mucosa of bronchi
  • mucosa of bronchial trunk
  • mucosa of bronchus
  • mucosa of organ of bronchi
  • mucosa of organ of bronchial trunk
  • mucosa of organ of bronchus
  • mucous membrane of bronchi
  • mucous membrane of bronchial trunk
  • mucous membrane of bronchus
  • organ mucosa of bronchi
  • organ mucosa of bronchial trunk
  • organ mucosa of bronchus
  • tunica mucosa bronchi
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latin term
tunica mucosa bronchi [ FMA : 62652 FMA : TA ]



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